Hello ,

On July 4, 1993,

 I made a NDE and

I was died during all these years until spring 2007.

Died with all that I believed ,

with all that had of the importance ,

or who appeared to have some.

I lost the Material, the Sentimental

and I remained captive in a prison

with an open sky but a prison

gone all the time by my child

become adult very quickly.

As in "The Alchemist" I left in search a Treasure...

 which I had under the eyes .

So I am in Peace and now

 not afraid .

It's my Independence Day .


Many Thanks for all American people who

help me on Internet  .

Many Thanks for "Le Père Bertrand"

and for "Bernard Gauthier" who is

a light in the night for me and

a coach .

Many Thanks for "François et les autres"

who play Counter Strike source

with Yannou .

Many Thanks for

"Léa" and "Juliette" who live in my village .

And "Babouche" and "Flanelle" .





















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